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Take a virtual field trip through the World Wide Web and visit web sites and museums.  There you will view authentic first hand resources such as documents, photographs, paintings, essays, diaries etc. Learn about topics we have studied in class in more depth and gain a better understanding of literature and historical events. Simply choose and click on any tour and record your responses on paper and submit to me.  Click on the picture in the left column to begin tour.  Happy traveling!

American Civil War Tour takes you to the Smithsonian Institute and Gallery, Crisis at Fort Sumter, Civil War Battles, US Civil War Generals, flags of the United States and the Confederacy, Images of American Political History, a brief biography of President Lincoln, Civil War Music, 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, The Battle of Gettysburg, Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, Appomattox Court House. Could there have been any other way we could have resolved our differences as a country?

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After reading Johnny Tremain, this tour will provide an historical overview of the American Revolution and allow you to travel back through colonial times through the birth of a new nation. Discover the causes of the war, conflicts and battles, the colonists' determination and culture of Colonial America during the mid to late 1700s.  What might this country have been like if we did not win our independence from Great Britain?

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As part of the mystery unit of study, this tour is designed for advanced readers in discovering Poe's life, his writing style through two of his works: The Raven and Tell Tale Heart. Through your investigation, you will discover your own beliefs on poetry writing. You will compare and contrast your life, writing, and philosophy of life with Poe's.

The Diary of Anne Frank Tour brings you to museums, photographs, journal articles, and historical websites in an effort to enrich your understanding of Anne Frank's life and the Holocaust. Discover the devastating impact that World War II had on our life as we know it today.  How are our lives affected from the outcome of this war?  Could anything like this ever happen again? (incomplete)

MCAS Logo and Link to MCAS Home MCAS practice web sites.  This tour takes you to places to get practice on preparation for the MCAS state test.


This tour will teach you about how computers work, help you to understand computer jargon in easy to understand language complete with detailed illustrations. A great way to learn!

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