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Homework Policy

Grade 8                                                                           September 5, 2012

Why I assign homework:
believe homework is a valuable tool helping students make the most
of their experience in school.  I give homework because:

it reinforces what has been taught in class

provides verification of understanding (or not) the material taught

prepares students for upcoming lessons

helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and organizational

When homework will be assigned:

daily including weekends and holidays if need be

should take about 20 minutes per night to complete

will involve reading chapters or short stories, worksheets, writing,
answering questions, doing research, and studying

Tests and Quizzes:

Tests will be given after completing a unit of study

All tests will be announced approximately 4 days prior to taking

Material for the test will be reviewed the day before the test

Any test that is a failing grade may be retaken upon request within 1 week

Quizzes will be given frequently, occasionally may be unannounced

Studentsí homework responsibilities:

All homework is expected to be turned in on time and high quality

Failure to pass in homework will affect final grade average

Homework must have the studentís name, date, type of assignment or page number, and class period to get full credit. Must be neat in appearance

Students and parents may check daily assignments on my voice mail
(978-722-9076 x 6247) and http://new.schoolnotes.com/Gogas

Make up work is the responsibility of the student to check with study
partner, homework line, daily assignment book, or web site

For everyday that a student is absent, the student has that many days to
make up work (i.e. one day absent, one day to make up)

NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS (except  for absences, and special circumstances) 0% for that assignment will be applied

Consequences for not doing homework:

Any one of the following may result if there is a consistent lack of

Complete a Homework Excuse Notes
Phone call to parent after 5 days

Make up after school

Parent conference

Note:  Only under specific situations can a student be excused from homework
with a parent note stating the problem.  However, forgetting books, assignment
notebooks, etc. at home or in school does not count as a legitimate reason for 
not turning in assignment. 

Please read and discuss my homework policy with your son/daughter.  Fill out the slip below and return to Mrs. Gogas.

 Thank you,

Mrs. Gogas

Voice mail number: 978-722-9076 x 6247

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