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The Student Resource page provides assistance to students in doing homework assignments and research papers.  Some links to web sites simply provide practice in various skills such as vocabulary and grammar.  Students are encouraged to browse through the web sites but are strongly advised not to plagiarize any of the material.  Always paraphrase the resource ( changing a word or phrase or two is not paraphrasing) and cite your work using quotes when necessary.

The Parents Resource page provides parents with information through articles on topics including parenting and education.  These web sites are valuable resources and user friendly. Many parents have requested resources on how they can best help their child be successful in school and at home.  

Parenting is the most difficult and demanding job we face and the most important one. Our children will be the adults of tomorrow and need all the support we can provide in today's very complicated society.  It is my intention that the resources below provide you with assistance that is practical and immediately useful.


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