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American Revolution
Stop 1—The Events Leading to the American Revolution
Stop 2—Conflict and Revolution
Stop 3—The Thirteen Original Colonies
Stop 4—How the Thirteen Colonies have changed.
Stop 5—Role of Religion
Stop 6—Causes of the American Revolution
Stop 7—Battles of the American Revolutionary War
Stop 8—Biographies of the American Revolution
Stop 9—More Biographies
Stop 10—The Role of the French in the American Revolutionary War
Stop 11—Benedict Arnold- Hero or Traitor?
Stop 12—Spies in the American Revolutioanry War
Stop 13—Spy Letters
Stop 14—Nathan Hale
Stop 15—Paul Revere's Ride
Stop 16—Uniforms of the American Revolution
Stop 17—A Soldier's Life
Stop 18—The American Flag
Stop 19—Nicknames and Who's Who
Stop 20—Confederate vs Federal Government
Stop 21—President George Washington's Farewell Address
Stop 22—The First Thanksgiving
Stop 23—Elsewhere Around the World During the American Revolution
Stop 24—American Culture in Revolutionary Times
Stop 25—Colonial American Clothing
Stop 26—More Colonial American Living
Stop 27—Colonial American Fun and Games
Stop 28—Rebus Game
Stop 29—What Do You Learn?