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21—President George Washington's Farewell Address
Read Washington's farewell address. After reading through the first time answer this: What does this speech tell you about Washington's background? What about the audience to whom he spoke? Then reread one paragraph at a time and summarize what he viewed were the problems the nation faced and what the future of this nation would be. By answering the questions below, you will have summarized enough of the speech for our purposes. In your own words, include what he says about his retirement from the presidency, unity, patriotism, describe how he views that each, the North, South, East, and West shall contribute to America's greatness, how respect is related to liberty and laws, what does he says opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, what "spirit" should we not encourage, what does he say about the balance of power, what three things are duties of American citizens, what does he say is the "great rule of conduct" and what could happen if we do not stick to the great rule of conduct, do we stick to it today?

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