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Rating Vocabulary practice **** list of acronyms and abbreviations **** Merriam-Webster Dictionary **** Vocabulary puzzles **** Vocabulary **** Contains a wealth of information about the United States **** Resources/books/libraries/schools **** Libraries **** Library of Congress ****
gopher:// Roget's Thesaurus **** The WWW Virtual Library **** Encyclopedia **** Links to top newspapers *** Research topics and homework help **** Homework assistance *** Homework assistance **** Homework assistance **** Homework assistance ***
gopher:// Copies of books online *** Vast range of topics for info. **** Simply fun pages ** Editorial writing; writing resources **** Science oriented- current issues *** Age appropriate encyclopedia **** Wide source of maps **** Just about every possible online reference available!! **** Dictionaries: English and foreign languages, biographical, maps, phone directory, & more **** Classics, fairy and folk tales, stories and rhymes, magazines, professional journals **** Easy search for all kinds of topics ****

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