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MCAS Preparation

[To get a hard copy of this Tour Guide, click here to select this frame and then use the browser's print button]

Stop-1: Department of Education

Begin by trying out the questions. Start at the bottom the 1998 questions and see if you can answer them.

Stop-2: Roots and Prefixes

Follow the links to review the flash cards for Step One only. The link will take you to the Houghton Mifflin web site where you can do the interactive flash cards. Write down any words and definitions that you did not know. Your computer will need to have the program ShockWave. A prompt will ask you to install the free program so you can use the cards. The quiz games include matching, concentration, and a word search. After you have done those words games, create your own matching, concentration, or word search using a different set of prefixes, root words, or suffixes.

Stop-3: Language Questions Practice test

Here you will take an on line practice test for grammar review.

Stop-4: Guide to Grammar & Writing

This page lets you select the area in grammar that you are having trouble with. Take one topic at a time and take the quizzes. If you get less than 80% of the answers correct, go to the section where you review the grammar rules for that topic. Then take the test on that topic again.

Stop-5: Reaing List

Take a look at the covers and descriptions of these novels and you can choose one for your next book report. If you do not see one you like, the next site may help.

Stop-6: More Reading Lists

Check these out from another school system called Henrico. Once you have chosen a book to read, you are finished the tour.