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Mystery Unit

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Stop-1: The Life of Edgar Allen Poe

1. What was Poe's life like? 2. How is it similar and diffierent from yours? 3. After reviewing his life, write a brief summary of his life. 4. Creat collages, charts, pictures, etc. using any materials to display images illustrating his life. You may choose to use Inspiration software or PowerPoint. Use rubrics to ensure high quality work.

Stop-2: Poe: The Writer

Investigate what Poe thinks about poetry. Formulate your own view on poetry. Do you agree or disagree with Poe? List the principles of poetry that Poe believed. List your own principles of poetry. Create a chart or use a graphic organizer to display them. What is a "cipher"? What does this have to do with Poe? Create your own "cipher".

Stop-3: The Raven

Review the interactive web site to interpret the poem. Listen to the audio and watch the video to understand what Poe was trying to say. Aswer the following questions in the form of paragraphs. What does "nepenthe" mean? What is the bust of Pallas? Learn abou the unsual words and phrases in the poem. Make a list of them and describe what they mean. What "bag of tricks" did Poe use as well as other great poets like rhyme scheme and personification? What was goin on in Poe's life when he wrote the Raven? Did he ever make any changes? What have other readers like you think about the poem since it was written?

Stop-4: The Tell Tale Heart

As you read this short story, use the interactive features to annotate directly onto the text via a dialogue box by clicking and dragging the icon directly onto the words or phrases using the following actions: questions, surprise, writing style, golden line, links, and thoughts. When you are finished, you will be able to print out your work directly from the site. Pass in this document.