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Computer Literacy Tour

[To get a hard copy of this Tour Guide, click here to select this frame and then use the browser's print button]

Stop-1: What is the Computer?

Follow along and tour this site by clicking on next on this web page.

Stop-2: What is HTML?

There are twelve lessons here about text formatting and table design. It explains what is meant by web editing.

Stop-3: Understanding Computer Jargon

Take a stroll through this web page and discover and learn about computer types, apllications, input devices, processing, output devices, storage, and more!

Stop-4: The History of Computers

How were computers developed? Learn about the history of computers, hardware, software, ethics, and applications.

Stop-5: Finally! Are You Ready to Create Your Own Website?

This site gives you step-by-step instructions as to how to create your own web pages.