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The American Civil War

[To get a hard copy of this Tour Guide, click here to select this frame and then use the browser's print button]

Stop-1: Smithsonian Institute : The American Civil War Timeline

G>Read through the timeline and see the events that lead up to the Civil War. Then go to the section "Collections" and after reading each section click on the set of red dots for more pictures. Then answer the questions below. Who were the abolitionists? Continue and go to Abraham Lincoln. What was public opinion like during his presidency? What is despotism? In the section "First Blood", why is Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth famous? How many soldiers died during this war? What was considered the advantage that the North had over the South? Describe the navies during that time. Briefly describe what was life like then? What was Appomattox?

Stop-2: Crisis at Fort Sumter

Begin with the background. Begin by clicking on the Secession in the Deep South to explain the reasons that the South was unhappy being part of the Union.

Stop-3: American Civil War at the Smithsonian Gallery

View the movie if you have Flash.

Stop-4: Civil War Battles

This site has all the battles that were fought during the American Civil War. Read about at least three battles. Summarize each battle briefly.

Stop-5: US Civil War Generals

This page is general information about the US Civil War generals.

Stop-6: A Listing of US Civil War Generals

Use this page for viewing generals of the American Civil War for your research. It gives references to which generals fought on which side and what battles they fought. This will help your research so you know where you need to gather information next.

Stop-7: The Flag of the United States

Review the various pictures of the Flag of the United States. How has it changed? Why do we do the Pledge of Allegiance? Why do we celebrate Flag Day? How did the American flag get the name "Old Glory"?

Stop-8: Flags of the Confederacy

Review the Confederate flags. Why are there so many of them? How are they similar to one another? Different? Compare and contrast these flags to the US flags.

Stop-9: Images of American Political History

Review these pages by clicking on the first right arrow. Continue clicking until you get to Mr. Greeley. Who were the major political leaders? Major generals? Describe the slave shown here. What document seems important? In the presidential election of 1864, what percentages of the popular vote did each candidate receive? The electoral vote? How do you account for the discrepancy? How and where was Lincoln killed? By whom? Who was responsible? Who became president after Lincoln's death?

Stop-10: A Brief Biography of President Lincoln

After reading a brief description of Lincoln, how was he the "right man for the right job"?

Stop-11: Civil War Music

Listen to some of the American Civil War music. Be aware that some of the lyrics are not appropriate for today...Would these lyrics be acceptable today? Explain.

Stop-12: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Not all soldiers were white. Read about the experimental regiment of black soldiers. How successful were they? What major battles did they fight? How were they treated as compared to white regiments?

Stop-13: The Battle of Gettysburg

Visit the battle description, Pickett's Charge, Longstreet At Gettysburg, and Defense In-Depth. What problems did both sides faces? Could the outcome of this battle been different? Explain. What mistakes were made? Why is this battle called the "turning point" of the Civil War?

Stop-14: Ulysses S. Grant

Read about Ulysses S. Grant by clicking on his biography. What kind of man was he? What kind of a general?

Stop-15: General Robert E. Lee

Read about General Robert E. Lee. What kind of person and general was he?

Stop-16: Grant vs Lee at Appomattox

Read how Grant and Lee fight the last battle to surrender. How does Grant treat Lee? Why? What is ironic about their personalities?