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Tour Help

You can move ahead on the tour by clicking on the Go to Next Stop button in the Tour Control Panel, located in the bottom right of your browser window. Before you do that, however, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the features of each of the Control Panel buttons which are described below. They allow you to see the tour Itinerary, go to Previous stop, Load the entire tour, and other options. When you are ready to begin, click on the Go to Next Stop button and you'll be on your way. If you want to see this page again after you're on the tour, click the Help button on the control panel.

Control Panel Operation (or How To Navigate A Tour)

navhelp.gif (4901 bytes)

The stops are the places you visit on a tour.

  • Go to Previous Stop takes you to the previous tour page.
  • Return to Tour allows you to jump off on links that you see and explore on your own, yet when you want to return to the tour, you just click this button and you're back.
  • Go to Next Stop takes you to the next tour page.
  • Tour Itinerary shows you at a glance, each of the stops that you'll visit on this tour and provides a hyperlink to each stop.
  • Expand Itinerary shows you the itinerary with each associated URL and tour narration. Using your browser's print button you can print this listing.
  • Help brings you to this page at any point in the tour.
  • Start Tour takes you to the first stop on your tour.
  • Load Tour allows you to page through the tour more quickly. It enables the tour to pre-load most pages while you are doing some other non-computing task. You'll notice significant improvements on graphics intensive pages since pictures are what take longest to display. You can turn it on and off just by clicking the button. It will load pages from wherever you are, onward. For example, if you start pre-loading at Stop 1, it'll attempt to load the full tour. If you enable it from Stop 7, it will begin to load all pages beyond Stop7.
  • Exit Tour quits the tour and takes you back to the place where you launched the tour from.

If you are having problems with any of the tours, click here to send a note to our technical support team.

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